Crack repair whether for your parking lot or your driveway is something that should be taken care of as quick as possible to prevent acceleration deterioration of your asphalt. It is the number one priority when it comes to asphalt maintenance. We offer different types of crack repair services and materials as not all cracks are the same, from deep straight cracks to what is called alligated cracks. There is no one size fits all crack filler for every need. They need to be treated with a material specifically made for each situation, whether hot melted rubber crack filler for the larger straight cracks in high traffic areas or something less costly but still efficient like a trowable crack filler for cracks where traffic isn't as high. Each situation calls for something specific so let our experts put our experience and knowledge to work for you. We will make sure that the investment you've made in your pavement will protected and that you get the most out of it by performing all crack repairs as needed.

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Hot rubber crack filler

Crack Repairs: For wider and deeper linear cracks, a hot rubber crack filler is recommended and is the the longest lasting solution. Using a hot rubber applicator, we will melt blocks of direct fire rubber specifically made for asphalt repair. It is heated to 300°, them poured directly into the cracks. A metal squeegee is used to smooth the rubber down so there's none sitting up in a pile above the cracks. Hot rubber is used specifically for longer and deeper linear cracks and it will not fill smaller, more shallow cracks.

Trowel crack filler

A trowel grade crack filler is used for linear type cracks. It will last a long time but not as long as the hot rubber. But it is a very good product that will fill cracks and stay pliable while costing much less. It's a good option for those that want to spend a little less but still want a quality job when dealing with crack repair.

Cold processed crack filler

Cold processed crack filler is used for smaller and finer cracks that other crack filler cannot repair properly due to being to thick to seep into the cracks. It's will fill your cracks to prevent water from seeping into the ground underneath your pavement and freezing in the cold winter, causing damage. 

Gator Mat

For alligated areas we usually recommend digging it out and repairing it with fresh new hot mix asphalt. But if your on a budget like most everyone I know, there is another option. Gator Mat is a towable type filler that is applied with a squeegee. It will help fill all the smaller cracks while binding the pavement together. It's not a cheap option but it's still cheaper than digging out and repairing.

Whatever option you decide to go with or whatever the repair needs, filling your cracks and doing necessary repairs are the most important thing you can do to keep your driveway from deteriorating faster than it should. Remember, filling the cracks aren't going to stop the driveway from wasting away but it will slow the process down and allow your pavement extra years of use that you otherwise would not get.

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