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Tar and chip is cheaper option than paving that has unique benefits with minimum maintenance, if any. You may be familiar with tar and chip as it is still used by both the State and country road departments for rural roads and some city streets because of the benefits such as it's longevity and low cost.

Tar and chip is pretty basic when it comes to installation and costs less that half the cost of having an asphalt driveway installed. The driveway is prepped and rolled to compact the gravel and earth. Then a layer of oil is sprayed down. That is followed by a very thin layer of rock, anywhere from 3/8 to 3/4 inch in size, then compacted again, pressing the rock into the oil. Usually a second layer of then put over the first for added stability and strength. You will then have the look of a classic rock driveway but without the drawbacks of a gravel driveway. You will have a road that will need not need to be sealed or any maintenance but durable enough to last over a decade of not longer.

Tar and chip had been around for a long time and is making a comeback thanks to the rising costs of asphalt. Tar and chip will provide a hard surface with a rough texture that will help with traction in the winter snows and rain. It is also self healing. And cracks that open up with almost always have themselves in the warmer temperatures by pushing back together of the rock on to as it's driven on.

About the only drawback is that plowing snow on a tar and chip driveway stands a chance of damaging it. But thanks to the rough texture you will have added traction to compensate for plowing.

But in the end, tar and chip is a great, low cost option to having an asphalt driveway installed without losing the benefits of a blacktop driveway plus less maintenance than one as well. 

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